Saturday, September 3, 2011

Go Green - Freecycle

Everyone has at least a few items that they don't really want but can't bear to throw away. Freecycle it. Freecycling is giving something to someone who will use it -- for free -- instead of throwing it in the garbage. (To find or start a local group, visit It's simple: post a message on your local freecycle group's Web site, decide who will get your item, then arrange a pick up time. Members give and get everything from moving boxes to cabinetry.

Freecycling costs nothing but time, and keeps usable items out of local landfills.

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  1. I LOVE freecycle! I'm about to do a pre-birthdays/Christmas toy purge and I'm sure a lot of it will end up on freecycle (most were hand-me-downs anyways). It's also the first place I turn to when I'm looking for something (like when we needed a bed frame for my daughter) and economical!

    Thanks for joining in on my blog hop last weekend!
    Danielle @ Mama Dani's Musings