Sunday, March 18, 2012

Reuben made from leftover corned beef - now and later

The day after St. Patrick's day usually brings leftover corned beef. Usually I just reheat and eat it the same as the day before. Tonight however I tried my hand at making a Reuben. No exact recipe but this is how I made it.

Leftover corned beef sliced thinly across grain (I warmed mine up)
Sauerkraut- drained and warmed
Thousand island dressing
Swiss cheese
Rye or pumpernickel bread (I used a rye and pumpernickel marbled bread)

Butter one side of each slice of bread, lay one slice butter side down, spread on thousand island dressing to taste, add slice Swiss cheese, add corned beef, add sauerkraut and top with second slice of bread butter side up.

Grill til desired doneness.


Slice corned beef thin and add to small freezer bag with slice Swiss cheese.
Take sauerkraut and put in small freezer bag.
Take 2 slices bread, wrap in saran wrap,and add to a small freezer bag.

Take all the small bags and add to a larger freezer bag. Label bag with date and Reuben and put in freezer for another day.

I did this for one sandwich but you could do as many as you like.

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