Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2012 Personal Challenge #2 - Find a better alternative for trash bags

This challenge has several parts to it. One, to find a better bag for our environment and two to cut back on our household trash.

The first one was easier than anticipated as I walked into Walmart on a search to find a trash bag easier on our environment. I was pleasantly surprised to find a bag made by Hefty called "Renew". These bags are a bargain at $3.34 for 20 bags and are made from 10% post consumer and 55% pre consumer materials for a total of 65% recycled plastic. You can also bring down the price by finding and using coupons.
Now all I need to do is to cut back on the amount of trash we produce which will also cut down on the amount of bags we use making them even more earth friendly.

How do I intend to complete the second part of my challenge you ask?
Well, I plan on buying less prepackaged items, prepare more items from scratch, buy in bulk, recycle, up cycle, and making a compost pile. Look for updates on our progress in the near future.

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