Thursday, January 26, 2012

E-coupons and Printable Coupons

Are you familiar with the term E-coupons? It is the newest invention among couponers. Just go to the site,register your store card or cards, and click on the coupons that you want on the cards. It's that easy! Some of these work a little differently that the traditnal coupons though. One site you can earn money but it doesn't save you at the time of shopping and one site uses your savings to help build a college education for your child.

The printable coupon sites are great also as you can just pick which ones you want or you can print them all. Also some sites will let you print more than one of each. However, I have never been able to print more than 3 of one coupon.

I will share the list of sites I use and/or am familiar with. If you happen to have any not listed please share them with us. Thanks!


eCoupons: - Giant, Food Lion, CVS, Rite Aid. Can register multiple cards from same store. Reloads on Thursday. When you buy a product, the savings does not come off your grocery bill like a coupon. You get credit for it on and when you reach $5+ you can request the money back via your bank account, PayPal or gift card. Register your card and/or log in, click on the Just for U tab then Coupon Center and add all the deals to your card each week. Pretty sure you can stack these and manufacturer coupons.

P&G eSaver Looks like you can register any store card since you type in the name and number. It says "Coupons must be redeemed from card to add more". Not sure if that means you have to use the ecoupons you select before you are offered any more?

uPromise You don't get the instant discount, but the ecoupon amount will go into your uPromise account for college. Plus click the "Coupons and Deals" tab to find promo codes for discount at TONS of online stores.

FoodLion This is powered by RedPlum, which also has some ecoupons so I'm not sure if they will conflict. Never hurts to try!

RedPlum You can load eCoupons to your FoodLion card. Looks like the same ecoupons from the FoodLion site. Register your Safeway card as a Carrs card. I have redeemed ecoupons from Safeway using this site. Also has printable. For your Safeway card and has printables. Interestingly, some of the eCoupons are the same as the printable and I'm wondering if they can be stacked?

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