Friday, July 15, 2011

Bookmarks from recycleables

About a month ago I came across myplumpudding which had this wonderful idea...bookmarks from cereal boxes, but I took it one step further by laminating them to make them last longer. Well then I thought why stop there? Why not from labels, soda cartons etc..... These make adorable gifts. You can add them inside a card, a stocking, or put them with a book for a cute gift. I will be offering these for sale for $1.00 which includes shipping. If you purchase 2 or more the first one will be $1.00 and the others will be $.75 which includes shipping.

I will be offering some of these free to the first 20 followers of my blog. So far I have 4. Please comment and let me know the easiest way to contact you to get your mailing information. Not sure how to promote this as I am new to all of this but please spread the word. I will be offering this through the month of July.
Thanks for looking!

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