Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Some things I do to save at the grocery store.

I am going to share some of the tips I use to help me save at the grocery store. Why not comment and share your ideas also.

1. Spend no more than $2.00 on a box of cereal
2. Spend no more than $2.00 on 32oz of laundry detergent
3. Spend no more than $1.99 lb for meat
4. Spend no more than $5.00 for 8pk papertowels
5. Spend no more than $5.00 for 12pk toilet paper
6. Spend no more than $1.00 for tube of toothpaste (full size)
7. Spend no more than $1.00 for dish liquid
8. Spend no more than $2.00 for body wash
9. Never pay full price for anything. Buy on sale, clearance and try to piggy back coupons with the sales.
10. Make weekly menu from what is on sale or what you have at home.
11. Combine shopping trips all in one day and in one local area to save on fuel. I also have the luxury of passing all the places I shop on my way to and from work
12. Get a stock pile going of items you use regularly so you never have to pay full price.
13. Don't be greedy! Take what you will use and share with others. I share mine with friends, and family
14. Don't waste money on paper napkins, use cloth
15. Buy fruits and vegs that are in season and from local farmers in possible.
16. Don't be brand particular. Compare prices from sales, coupons and store brands and buy the least expensive.
17.Don't buy just because it's a good deal, or just because you have a coupon. It's not a deal if it goes unused and wasted.
18.Buy less prepackaged foods and make more from scratch. Not only can this me cheaper but since you control the ingredients it tends to be healthier
19. Compare the prices of all the local stores. Keep a price book or know your prices off hand so you know when you are getting a good deal
20. Buy deli meats on sale only. Buy extra and freeze to use later.
21. Don't disregard your local drugstore (CVS,Riteaid, etc.) when it comes too food. Sometimes they have deals that will beat your grocery store.


  1. This is a wonderful list of money saving tips! I've made many, many changes in the last year and have learned all about stock piling, using coupons, making freezer meals, menu planning, etc. and it has saved us so much money. I'm still learning and enjoy hearing what others are doing. Thanks for taking the time to compile and share such a great "tip sheet." Your blog is wonderful; I'm a new follower!

  2. Thanks for following! Sorry I haven't been posting much but am currently working on that. Glad to have you with us!