Friday, July 29, 2011

How to save when eating out

Do you like to go out to eat but the prices are keeping you home? There are several ways to save money when you go out to eat.

1. coupons - do an internet search for coupons to the restaurant you want to eat at, go to the restaurant webpage and see if they have any coupons listed that you can print, watch for coupons in the mail for your local restaurants.

2. gift certificates - use and print certificates for the places you want to eat. A $25 gift certificate will normally cost you $10 what I do and wait for the 80% code (have it emailed or search 80% code for and then you pay only $2 for a $25 certificate. Check it out today!

3. Go to restaurants that offer kids to eat for free. Not sure where these are or what days it is offered. Try kidseat4free.com, and

4. Do you want restaurant food but don't want to go out? Why not do an internet search for your favorite meal at your favorite restaurant and make it at home. Or you can try or

5. Instead of dinner go out for lunch instead as your lunch choices are usually cheaper.

6. Share a meal with someone or eat an appetizer as your meal

7. Order water to drink.

8. Buy and Entertainment Book. First I would make sure you will use it enough to cover the cost of the book.

9.  Go during the week and catch the weekly specials.

10.  Skip dessert and eat one at home or skip it altogether.

11. Set a budget before you head out. Find their menu on line and plan before you leave.

12.  If you order a large half then and get the other half to take home giving you 2 meals for the price of 1.

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