Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Little Garden

First I must tell you that I live in the woods and get very little sunshine in my yard. This makes it very hard to grow much. However, in the past I found I could grow things in pots on the deck because different times during the day its gets sun and then this year I experimented and found I got enough sun to grow cucumbers in one of my flower beds.

We had fun planting and watching things grow but the harvesting has been the best! Nothing like fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and greenbeans. I hope to experiment with other things next year.

These are the flowers my 9 year old daughter planted. She started them indoors as seeds and then when they got bigger she transplanted them to this pot. She loves going out to see the colors of the flowers and to watch the bees pollinating them.
This is our cherry tomato plant and it has been providing us with a handful if delicious red cherry tomatoes almost daily.

There are 2 cucumber and 1 squash plants planted in between the hostas as an experiment. The squash start to form and then die so not too sure what is going on there. The cucumbers have been great and if you can see we have a few more than will be ready soon.

My son (13) wanted to plant also and he picked out a Chinese Lantern and something else. However, we had some small pots with seeds that had blown over and I guess the Roma seeds planted themselves in his container because he now has baby Roma tomatoes growing.  He was disappointed at first but now find its cool that this happened the way it did.

My daughter also planted green beans and snap peas from seed all in this pot. The snap peas did not do well but she has been able to harvest the green beans 3 times now with enough for her and some for me to taste.

These are mints that I originally planted about 5 years ago. At the end of the season I just cut it all back and then it keeps coming back. There is mint, pineapple mint and my favorite chocolate mint. I've never really used the, except maybe in some tea. Maybe I should look up other uses for them.

We planted this tomato by itself in a pot. Not sure why but we only have 3 tomatoes on it and no new blooms and it came from the same pack as the following 3.

There are 3 tomato plants in this container and they are doing well supplying us with fresh tomatoes at a steady pace and not overwhelming us.
Next year will continue with the tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and cucumbers. We will plant more greenbeans and maybe a few other things. We also said next year we will cage the tomato plants for extra support.

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