Sunday, July 17, 2011


I just wanted to take a few minutes this morning and say a few things about one of my favorite places to get free things along with get rid of items I no longer want or need. Over the course of time that I have been with freecycle I have gotten so many wonderful things. For example, just this past month I have refurnished my sons bedroom. I freecycled all his furniture that he no longer wanted (loft bed and matching dresser) and I have gotten a full size futon, storage coffee table, storage end table, and a 27" TV...all for FREE!!! Out went his little boy room and in came his teenage room. Today I have a bunch of stuff listed to get rid of and am anxiously awaiting the items to be taken. I love the fact that this allows things to stay out of the landfill.. So if you don't already belong what are you waiting for! You don't want anyone else's belongings??? Well they may want yours that you no loner want. Stop throwing things away and let someone else appreciate them.

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