Friday, July 15, 2011


Since January of this year I have been doing swagbucks. I was referred by a friend and fellow blogger at sparing-change . I was hesitate at first but slowly became engrossed with it. However, I have learned to manage my time better and spend a little time in the mornings and a little time in the evenings trying to earn a few swagbucks. Since January I have been able to donate to different charities and earn different gift cards. My favorite is earning $5 Amazon gift cards. I have been averaging 5 of these a month! That's $25 for hardly any work. I add these to my Amazon account and use them on stuff I want or need and on gifts. I also make sure I combine these with the free shipping so I actually pay nothing at all out of pocket! Each 450 swagbucks can buy you a $5 Amazon gift card. It really doesn't get much easier than that! If you have never tried it or possibly never even heard of it. Hop on over and check it out!

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