Friday, August 26, 2011

Blog Hopping Friday

Well today I decided not to write about anything as I am busy preparing for Hurricane Irene to hit, Instead I decided to bog hop. Why not join me in checking out some of my favorite Friday hops and join in. Hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy all the hopping around.

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Thank you Smart and Trendy Moms
Smart and Trendy Moms

My newest favorite...Thanks Happy Hour Projects


  1. Thanks for dropping by Happy Hour. Hope all goes well prepping for a hurricane.... I rhink I would rather have surgery, thank you. :P
    Following you - Adrianne

  2. Thanks Adrianne! Just realized your button wasn't on my blog. Oops! I will add that now. And to think we had an earthquake on Tuesday and Tornado watch last night. It's some crazy stuff going on this week.

  3. Wow. Stay safe and keep us updated!! I live in Texas so I know how scary and dangerous hurricanes can be!!

  4. Stay safe and good luck!
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  5. Thanks Kasondra and Kelly. I will post updates when I can.

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