Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cereal Box Craft - Postcard

I have decided to try and reuse cardboard cereal boxes, fruit snack boxes, etc... along with the liners in the cereal box.  The liners can be used to wrap food in for lunches, can be used in place of waxed paper and make great paint catchers for small paint jobs such as crafts.

The first craft I did was the bookmarks and now the postcards. There will be more to come as I complete them.
I am thinking about making little gift sets  of all the recycled cardboard crafts to give out to kids in my daughters classroom for Christmas.

First flatten out a cereal box, soda carton, fruit snack box etc.... and gather needed supplies such as paper cutter, scissors, xacto knife, ruler etc..

Cut into 4 x 6 rectangles (this is the max size allowed as a postcard per the US Postal Service).

Round corners using a corner punch or leave it as it is.

Take a black permanent marker and draw a line down the middle and then draw lines for the address.

The finished project!

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