Monday, August 8, 2011

Saving Star

There is a new way to save at the store……It’s called Saving Star and it’s all digital and requires very little work.

So, how does it work you ask? You create an account and then you register all your store loyalty cards that participate in the program. After you register your cards, you’re able to load coupons from the Saving Star website to your account. When you go to the store and scan your card, if you buy the items that are saved on your card, the coupon amount goes into your Saving Star account. Nothing changes with your total at the store as the amount will be credited online in your Saving Star account. When you reach at least $5 in your Saving Star account, you are able to request a gift card or have it deposited into your checking account. My favorite is the $5 Amazon gift card.

Also, you can use a paper coupon right along with the Saving Star coupon since it doesn't come off the total due. 

IMPORTANT: If you see a coupon you like, add it! Waiting too long might result in a “Sold Out” status.

1.      Log in and Register For Free Here
2.      Do a search by Zip Code to find the local stores near you.
3.      Enter the card number for each store loyalty card and Submit.
4.      Next, select the eCoupons you like on the stores website or mobile app, and they are automatically linked to your store card.
5.       Use your card when you checkout and the money is added to your SavingStar account. You won’t notice the savings take place at the register.  Instead, they get deposited into your account within 7-30 days depending on which store you shop.
6.      Once your Saving Star account reaches $5 in savings, you can pick how you want to get paid:  from a bank account deposit, a PayPal account deposit, an Amazon gift card, or a donation to charity. 

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