Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Coupon help

You can get coupons from the newspaper and on line as printables or by purchasing some paper ones. I am lucky as I get my coupons free from the lady I work for but if I didn't I would probably purchase a Sunday paper in addition to printing them off line.

I have a few sites that I would like to share that help me in my preparation of grocery shopping.  The first one CouponMom has just about everything you need for free to get started in saving with coupons. She lists the store, the prices, the coupons and where to find them etc... When I first started using coupons I used her site faithfully to help me save. However, now I pretty much do it on my own. Give it a shot! Sign up and take a chance...What do you have to lose? NOTHING because it's all free!

The second site that I use is this coupon database which is also free. I love being able to type in a product I am looking for and it tells me what paper, website or magazine I can find it in. If it is a printable coupon there is a link you can click that will take you right to it. Just make sure the store you are shopping at accepts printed coupons before wasting your time, paper and ink. This site is awesome especially for beginner couponers.

You could also host a coupon swap or start a coupon train to keep the costs of the coupons down. I have even looked on freecycle for coupons. Ask family members and friends to share what they don't use. It sure beats them going in the trash or the recycle bin.

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