Saturday, August 6, 2011

CVS Shopping Tips - #6

ExtraCare Coupon Center AND Coupon Center on

Scan your card before you shop. Print the coupons and save immediately.

You may notice a big red or yellow coupon machine when you walk into your CVS. When you scan your ExtraCare card at one of these coupon centers, a CVS store coupon based on your shopping habits will be presented to you. These coupons are randomly generated, so not every shopper at every store will get the same offers. Sometimes even ExtraCare Bucks will print out.

Please note that the coupons that print out of the machine will match up exactly to your shopper card.This prevents you from using someone else's and them using yours.

The coupon center on allows you to pick and print coupons of your choice that are redeemable at any CVS location to help you save even more on your items.

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