Thursday, August 4, 2011

Maryland Zoo - Baltimore

Took all four of the kids to the Maryland Zoo today as we have not been able to do anything yet this summer. I purchased 3 adult tickets on line and I had 2 coupons for free admission for the younger two. Upon arriving at the zoo we find out the coupons could not be used because we did not purchase the tickets there today. This set me back an additional $21 in addition to the $43.50 I had already spent on tickets. I was not a happy camper about this as the coupons didn't say anything about having not being able to purchase the tickets on line. However, because of this inconvenience we were able to get the coupons signed by the manager and the expiration date extended until 12/31/12.

We all enjoyed the exhibits and the atmosphere that the zoo provided. We were able to catch a few of the animals being fed and the kids were also able to enjoy a camel ride and the thrill of feeding a giraffe. We couldn't have picked a better day for this adventure as it wasn't too hot, too cold, too over cast or too sunny.

Then we went to eat lunch only to find that there was only one line open for people to order. The line was crazy long but I have to admit it moved at a fairly reasonable pace. Unfortunately, the food wasn't all that appetizing and we kept being harassed by the yellow jackets.

Even with the minor mishaps of the day, I enjoyed spending the day with the kids and I do believe they enjoyed themselves also. I  mean you are never too old for the zoo..right?

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