Sunday, August 21, 2011

Reader Comment about her Grocery Shopping tip

I had a reader write me to share with us her recent discovery with grocery shopping.  Enjoy!

    • I have been meaning to send this for a few weeks. I didn't know if this was the type of stuff you would want to share on your blog.

      This might seem like a strange email but I thought I'd share. I have been shopping at a few different stores lately in an effort to see where the best savings is... And it's Food Lion! I have always shopped at Giant or Safeway because it's 2 minutes from my house. I was spending $250 - $260 per week at Giant, $240 when I shopped at Safeway. I spend at least $100 LESS each week now that I go to Food Lion! I get the same foods, etc so I couldn't dispute the facts. It is cheaper at Food Lion. I didn't want it to be true. I don't buy any beef products there but I buy everything else. Just wanted to share ways to save.
    • Thanks Mary. Yes this is very true in most cases. I used to only shop at Food Lion except for my meats until it was closer to shop at Walmart, and Safeway. I still shop Food Lion also on occasion. I only shop sales and use coupons so my weekly total for the 4 of us is around $100-$150. If you don't mind however I would love to post this on the blog as a reader tip if you don;t mind. Let me know if you want me to leave your name off
    • That is why I sent it to you. I coulldn't believe the savings. I just wasn't comfortable spending $250 on groceries for 4 people. I am very pleased with Food Lion total each week of $150. :)

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